FHCE Ltd. is the central-european distributor of largest fiber optic cable manufacturer.

The FHCE Ltd. is your professional partner in the field of information technology and communication. In our delivery program there are metal-free duct cables, halogen free indoor cables, and aerial cables for short and long span distances, as well. Most of our products can be found in stock. In addition to the product service, our colleagues aim to support the partners’ work with their professional knowledge during the whole business procedure.


 We provide delivery for all our customers from our warehouse within 1-5 days. If requested, we deliver the ordered product in the previously agreed form and stripping. Relying on the several years long experience of our colleagues we support our customers from the beginning of the planning process. If requested, our colleagues will answer any questions with the help of the specialists of the FiberHome parent company.

Quality policy

The long-term customer satisfaction is ensured by the customer-centered attitude, the continuous feedback enhancements and the reliable business operation.

Technical support

Our goal is providing technical and professional support for our partners, as well as displaying and presenting our constantly expanding product range.


Our products in all cases fulfill the required international and European Union standards (IEC60793, IEC6094).