▪  FiberHome has developed a type of optic fiber that can transmit 400 terabytes of data per second, breaking the world record for the amount of data that can be transmitted on optic fibers, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday(2016/8/7).

▪  Capacity of that scale allows for simultaneous phone calls by 4.8 billion people and the transmission of 40,000 blue-ray high definition movies in one second, according to the company, which is based in Wuhan, capital of Central China’s Hubei Province.

▪  The transmission of 400 terabytes of data is accomplished on multi-core mono-mode optic fibers, which can be understood as breaking down the fibers into multiple paths to enhance transmission capacity, according to technicians of the company.

▪  Such expansion in transmission capacity is a welcome development amid growing demand for high-speed transmission of data for virtual reality, cloud computing and other emerging technologies.


▪  New shipment has arrived:

12 and 24 fiber flat drop cables on stock

▪  According to the CRU 2013 Survey, FiberHome is the world’s second largest optical cable manufacturer.


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